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Serving Northamptonshire

It always comes at the worst time of year! Your exhaust coughs and splutters, and instantly you know it is on its way out. Don’t panic. At One Stop Autocentre, we can offer reliable, cost saving services, repairing or replacing your car’s exhaust. From catalytic convertors to emissions testing, our team of qualified experts will repair, remove and install all exhausts for customers based in the Rushden, Wellingborough and Northamptonshire areas.

If you need a new exhaust or if your exhaust is making strange noises; contact One Stop Autocentre for a no obligation, complimentary exhaust check and our specialist teams will be happy to provide you with a free diagnostic of the exhaust problem. Giving you more than a new exhaust, One Stop Autocentre will give you cost saving solutions for worrying car problems – one of Northamptonshire’s leading car maintenance service providers.

• Jittering car or bellows of smoke – we focus on getting your car back on the road without the dramatics!

• Cost saving solutions for all exhaust problems – even the most major repairs can be tackled!

• No obligation, complimentary exhaust check from certified experts!