Diagnosing the problem through technology

Serving Northamptonshire

Is your car making funny noises with warning lights constantly appearing on your dashboard?

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, One Stop Autocentre’s leading team of ATA trained experts are specialists in identifying your car’s problem and can eliminate costly component failures through rigorous and affordable testing. Providing affordable diagnostic testing, our Autocentre will give your car full inspections and our analysis will prevent any further hidden costs.

Providing a full diagnostic test on your car, One Stop Autocentre uses the latest diagnostic equipment to establish system failure and faulty inbuilt computer equipment which controls emissions levels, engine temperatures, brake lights and head lights. Our leading team offer diagnostic repair and testing across the Rushden, Wellingborough and Northamptonshire areas, giving car users affordable solutions which will prevent any further and potentially, expensive repairs.

• Funny noises & flashing lights – your absolute car nightmare! But don’t despair, we can do exactly what it says on the tin – your One Stop Autocentre for all car meltdowns!

• Diagnostic testing & full car inspections – quiet car at affordable costs

• Technology meltdown can be repaired! At One Stop Autocentre, we can help you get back on the road hassle-free!