Commercial MOT & Servicing

Commercial (Class 7) MOT & Retesting


MOT your light commercial goods vehicles with confidence!

Subtitle: Specialist service offers reliable Class 7 MOT testing


Book your car in today at One Stop Autocentre, for your commercial MOT & retesting services.

The Class 7 MOT is for light commercial goods vehicles weighing between 3 and 3.5 tonnes (3000 to 3500kg).


Offering specialist expertise and equipment to cater for your commercial vehicle, One Stop Autocentre is the only garage who provides affordable MOT & retesting services you can fully depend on!


Our specialist team of ATA trained experts will provide a full inspection of your vehicle, including emissions evaluation and MOT certificate issuing.


ATA trained, our team of MOT specialists will carry out a full inspection of your vehicle, taking approximately 45 minutes to complete, and can provide all commercial MOT servicing facilities including MOT and Interim service, MOT and Full service and MOT and Major service.  Paramount in sustaining road safety, we ensure that your car is safe for you, your company and other road users before we send it out of the workshop.


Contact us today to book your commercial MOT, saving you, time and money.


Service related sentences:

  • Affordable commercial MOT & Servicing; putting safety back into your company
  • Specialist on-hand advice through ATA trained experts
  • Safety is paramount to our team as it is to your company!